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*Press Release*

Tuesday January 21, 2020


A delegation of investors from Hungary yesterday visited Cape Coast to explore investment opportunities in the area of water and sanitation.The delegation was led by the Deputy Head of Mission at the Hungarian Embassy, Mr David Bekesi.

According to the team, they chose Cape Coast because of the longstanding relationship the Embassy has with Cape Coast and Osaberima Kwesi Atta II, the Paramount Chief of Cape Coast.

The Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hon. Ernest Arthur expressed his appreciation to the Hungarian team for their interest in Cape Coast. He indicated that, liquid waste management in the city has been a problem and welcomed the proposed intervention. He assured the delegation of his full support towards the realisation of the project.

On his part, Osaberima Kwesi Atta II, used the occasion to appeal to the  team to facilitate the establishment of a Sister City relationship between Cape Coast and some cities in Hungary for their mutual benefit.

The meeting which was held at the Office of the Metropolitan Chief Executive was attended by Madam Rachel Fosua Sarpong, the Metro Coordinating Director, Officials from the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit, and the Ghana Water Company.


The Metropolitan Chief Executive (M C E) popularly known as Mayor 1 has introduced a football tournaments to be taken place on the first day of January 2020. All are called or invited to witness this wonderful idea of the Mayor to motivate the youth in doing more.


The Cities of Cape Coast and New Orleans, United States have signed a Sister Cities Relations to strengthen relations between the two cities. The origins of this relationship and shared history can be traced back to the most traumatic interruption that ever occurred in the natural evolution of African societies – the Transatlantic Slave Trade. After the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, an influx of Free People and Free People of African descent to the New World occured.

The Honorable Ernest Arthur, Mayor of Cape Coast and the Honorable LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of the City of New Orleans this morning signed a Memoradum of Understanding to join their respective cities as “Sister Cities” to strengthen relations and provide mutual benefit to their communities. The ceremony was attended by the President of Oguaa Traditional Council, Osaberima Kwesi Atta II, Member of Parliament for Gushegu and Deputy Minister for Tourism, Hon. Dr. Ziblim Iddi, Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North Constituency and Deputy Minister for Works and Housing, Hon. Barbara Asher Ayisi, the Sariki-Zongo, Alhaji Mahmoud Mazawojey Dandey, the Executive Secretary of PANAFEST Foundation, Rabi Kohain Halevi, the Metro Co-ordinating Director, Madam Rachel Fosua Sarpong, Members of Management at the Cape Coast Meropolitan Assembly and friends from the diaspora.

With the goals of prosperity, cultural understanding and exchange, the two parties shall explore opportunities to cultivate closer relations with one another through cooperative activities in the areas of economic development, cultural exchanges, educational opportunities and technical exchanges, such as:

– academic cooperation between our respective universities and other educational institutions;

– cooperation and exchange between local development agencies, chambers of commerce and tourism departments

– opportunities for municipal exchanges including Economic Development in the areas of Tourism, Agriculture, Infrastructure, City Management, Waste and Water Management as well as Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management and Climate Change.

– support for exchanges of art and cultural products between our respective museums and galleries and other cultural institutions;

Each party shall seek to identify other areas for collaboration and, in all activities, work for the benefit of both communities. The aforementioned activities will be facilitated by a joint New Orleans-Cape Coast Sister Cities Committee through which both cities shall participate towards the fulfillment of this Agreement. Both cities will endeavor to formulate the structure and membership of this Committee and ensure that it convenes at least once a year, or whenever necessary, for the purposes of collaboration, representation and evaluation of the respective city’s contributions toward this Agreement.

US Investors Visits Mayor’s Office

The founder of United States-based Top Construction Firm Douchette & Associates Contractors (DAC), Mr. Doucette Sterling and business partners Donnie Marcus Bradford and David Jason Bradford have expressed interest in investing in Cape Coast. The group has identified tourism and real estates as some of the major areas for their investment.

The Founder of DAC, Mr. Sterling Doucette made this known during the delegation’s tour of Cape Coast to explore investments opportunities in the Capital City of the Central Region.

The group was invited by the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Cape Coast, Hon. Ernest Arthur, to assess Cape Coast business climate and also identify viable sectors for investment. The visit was coordinated by US based Ghanaian Bishop Spanford Esilfie and Mr. Kojo Ampah, Chief Executive Officer of Adepa Africa Investments.

While in Cape Coast, the delegation paid a courtesy call on the Central Regional Minister, Hon. Kwamena Duncan, and the Paramount Chief of the Cape Coast Traditional Area, Osaberima Kwesi Atta II where they discussed a number of business proposals.

Hon. Kwamena Duncan and Hon. Ernest Arthur led the investors to tour some areas in Cape Coast including the Cape Coast Tourism Enclave and the Lagoon Area. Others on the tour were the Metropolitan Coordinating Director, Mr. Sampson Amoako Kwarteng, the Investments Coordinator and Public Relations Officer, Mr. Richmond Yeboah, Engineer Manche and Engineer Taylor.

Touching on what the team discovered in Cape Coast, Mr. Doucette said they were impressed with the business environment and opportunities in Cape Coast, indicating that he intends to invest in both tourism and the real estates sectors.

“The three-member delegation’s visit to Ghana is the outcome of my presentation on Cape Coast viable business environment when we visited the US last year,” Hon. Ernest Arthur said.

He said there were a lot of investment opportunities in the Cape Coast for expatriates to take advantage of, adding: “When I realised I could court US investors to Ghana, we embarked on an Investments and Promotional Tour to the US. I invited them to come and have first-hand knowledge about Cape Coast”.

Soccer Tournament Timetable

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Annual Marathon Registration

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Traffic Safety Notice

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Upcoming Public Meetings

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